Call Center Headsets

  • Audio quality

    Clear audio is essential for effective communication. Look for headsets with noise-canceling or noise-reducing features to minimize background noise and ensure clear conversations. Pay attention to the microphone quality as well, as it should transmit your voice clearly without distortion.

  • Noise cancellation

    When customers contact a call center, they expect clear communication. Noise cancellation helps create a more professional and distraction-free environment, allowing agents to provide the best possible service. By eliminating background noise, customers can hear the agents voice clearly, feel valued, and have a more positive experience with the company.

  • Comfort

    Since call center agents wear headsets for extended periods, comfort is crucial. Comfort is subjective so it's very important if you're a manager to survey your team to know what wearing style your agents prefer most.

  • Compatibility

    Make sure the headset you choose is compatible with your software and applications used in your call center. Verify compatibility with your phone system provider or a headset expert.

  • Wired or wireless

    Decide whether you prefer a wired or wireless headset. Wired headsets are usually more cost effective and don't require a battery to deal with, while wireless headsets provide more freedom of movement and increased productivity. Agents can also step away from their desks to find a quieter location to take calls, further reducing background noise and improving call quality when it counts.

  • Price and value

    Consider your budget and balance it with the features and quality you need. While it's essential to find a headset that fits within your budget, prioritize value over just the price tag to ensure you get a reliable headset to last many years.

Benefits of using the proper Call Center headsets

Better sound quality

Call center grade headsets offer better sound quality than cheap headsets. This is important for call center agents, as they need to be able to hear their customers clearly and make sure that their customers can hear them clearly.

More comfortable wearing styles

Quality headset brands will give you more wearing style options to choose from. This is important for call center agents, as they often have to wear headsets for long periods of time. The last thing you want is a headset that is uncomfortable or causes headaches.

More durable

Cheap headsets in a call center can break early and often. Durability is important for call center agents, as they often put their headsets through a lot of wear and tear.

More useful features

Cheap headsets oftentimes don't give the features and performance to make a call center agents life better when on calls. This can include features such as noise cancellation, a mute button, and a volume control.

Service and warranty

Cheap headset brands usually don't have anyone you can contact when help is needed, and when the product breaks it's not uncommon for the headset to be thrown out.

Quality brands who make headsets for call centers will protect you with a good warranty and offer customer service when needed.

Rather than looking at upfront price, consider looking at total cost of ownership.

What to expect from Discover Headsets

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