About Us

In 2015, the founders of one of the largest retailers of office headsets in the United States created Discover Headsets. We realized there's a good opportunity to manufacture headsets with our own approach.

Our Approach

At Discover Headsets, our primary goal is to design durable, high-quality headsets that offer a seamless plug and play experience, eliminating the need for software downloads.

Over time, we've observed that our customers frequently use a combination of UC platforms and softphones for their calls and meetings, often with strict security protocols in place. This can make software downloads a cumbersome necessity.

While we prioritize a plug and play approach for our headsets, we acknowledge that in certain situations, such as for firmware updates or to access advanced features like remote call control with wireless headsets, some software may be required. In these instances, our solution, Discover Connect, has you covered.

Headsets for Diverse Work Environments

We offer a wide range of headsets that cater to various workplace settings. Our product range is designed to meet the needs of professionals working in traditional office spaces, home offices, or transitioning between both. We aim to provide you with the proper headsets that complement your workstyle and environment.

Dedicated Support 

Our team in California is committed to helping you select the right compatible headset for your unique needs. And, should you ever need product support a fellow human is here to assist you with setup, adjustments, troubleshooting or answer any general questions that you may have.

Easy Warranty Replacements

As a better way to serve you, we've made our warranty process extremely easy. When it comes to replacing a product due to a defect within the warranty period, at Discover Headsets, you can expect a straightforward and hassle-free process, free from hidden conditions, intricate details, or tedious forms to complete.