6 Reasons Discover Headsets Are The Most Cost-Effective Option for Business

6 Reasons Discover Headsets Are The Most Cost-Effective Option for Business

Let’s face it, when it comes to buying new headsets for yourself or for a team of people, you want to get the best value for your money. Among the things our customers tell us they’re looking for when shopping for new headsets include:

  • A headset that sounds good
  • A headset that does a good job of removing background noise
  • A headset that’s comfortable 
  • A headset that’s reliable
  • And, one that’s reasonably priced

So if you’re in the market for some new headsets, and some of the points above sound like things that are important to you, then I’d like to introduce you to a line of headsets that you might not be aware of. Or, as we like to say, headsets that are the best kept secret in the headset industry; The Discover brand


People these days are starting to feel uneasy about the idea of returning to work in the office. It wasn’t that long ago that many of us found ourselves working from home literally overnight. One day it was in the office, and business as usual, and the next day it was that mad scramble to get setup for working at home. The need to be flexible goes without saying, and just like that flexibility, a headset needs to be flexible too.

Headsets today have to be flexible, and connect to different devices such as:

  • Desk phones
  • Computers
  • Mobile devices

And you can choose between a wired headset, or a wireless model.

Some people need a wired headset to connect to a computer, and nothing more. Others might need to connect their headset to a desk phone, or to a desk phone and computer. Others might need a wireless headset for use with their mobile devices. Whatever it is that you need, chances are good that you’ll find what you’re looking for within the Discover line of wired and wireless headsets.

So let’s have a peek behind the curtain of the Discover brand of headsets to see what these headsets are all about, and what makes them a best buy.

1. Professional sound quality

When you’re on important calls, whether that’s a voice call, or video call, you want others to hear you loud and clear. You don’t want your callers to struggle to hear you due to a poor sounding microphone. You don’t want static, and you don’t want sound that’s inconsistent.

The other thing that goes hand-in-hand with sound quality is the microphone’s ability to remove unwanted background noise. That is, having a headset microphone that can reduce distracting noise so your callers hear you, and not the sounds going on around you. These sounds can be your typical work from home noise like dogs barking, babies crying, landscapers, doorbells and the list goes on. 

For those who work in offices, distractions are normally noisy coworkers, though it can be the sounds of office machines, traffic noise, elevator sounds, doors and more.. Whatever noise you have to deal with, you absolutely need a microphone that can keep that noise in the background so your callers stay focused on the message you’re wanting to deliver.

The Discover headsets all come with great sounding microphones to keep you sounding professional, while at the same time, they all remove unwanted background noise. Both points are important, and must-have features when it comes to acquiring new headset equipment. You want professional sound, and not the alternative. 

So the first reason you should consider a Discover headset is you can count on sounding good, and getting background noise reduced.

2. Diverse line of headsets

Whether you need a wireless headset to connect to your mobile phone, or computer, or to your office desk phone, there’s a Discover headset that’s just right for you. You can even choose between headsets that cover one ear, two ears, fully surround your ear for better noise control, or one that’s worn on the ear.  

For example:

Need a wireless headset to connect to a desk phone? 

Discover Adapt 30 or D904 has you covered, and gives you the choice of covering one ear or two, and for those who prefer an on-ear wearing style, the D904 offers that too.

Need a wireless headset to connect to a desk phone and to a computer?

Discover Adapt 30 handles that with ease and it comes with single and dual speakers. So, if noise becomes an issue, you can easily remove the single ear headband, and replace it with a double ear speaker headband which helps to reduce background noise. The single, and double ear headbands are both included.

discover adapt 30 wireless headset


Discover D904 gives you the same connectivity, but in a convertible wearing style with a headband, and three sizes of ear loops all included. Your headset, your way. Here's a short video that will give you more information on the Discover D904 including a sound test.

Need a wireless headset to connect to a mobile device?

The Discover Adapt 20 has you covered, and like the Adapt 30, you have the ability to use the headset in a single, or double ear configuration. With the Adapt 20, the double ear headband is optional, where it comes with the Adapt 30.

Need a wireless headset to connect to a computer?

The Discover Adapt 20 is your answer. You can connect wirelessly to Bluetooth enabled computers, or via the included USB adapter for a better, more stable wireless connection. You also have the option to select the Adapt 30, and D904 wireless models if the features on those models are more to your liking. But to give you a better understanding of the  Adapt 20, you can watch the review video below.

Maybe you need a wired headset for use with your computer for softphone, or video calls

Depending on your wearing preference, you could select from:

The Discover D722U - Double ear headset. This model is fairly unique in that it  comes with ear cushions that fully surround the ears which helps to passively remove background noise. To learn more about this headset, here's a video that talks about its features, and it provides you with a sound test so you can hear how the microphone sounds, and how well it removes background noise.

    Discover D713U - Lightweight over the ear headset. This headset is also unique in that it's worn over the ear and not over the head. Some people cannot wear headband style headsets because they cause headaches. So for those individuals, the Discover D713U is the perfect solution. Surprisingly, there are very few choices of non-headband style USB wired headsets. The D713U is a good solution because it's lightweight, comes with different sizes of ear gels, has a great sounding microphone that reduces background noise, and an earlobe fastner that pivots to secure the earpiece to the ear. This helps to give you a stable on-ear headset. Here's a short review video that will help you to learn more about this unique headset.

      Or any of these other durable, great sounding USB headsets:

      • Discover D711U - Single ear headset  
      • Discover D712U - Double ear headset
      • Discover D312U - Double ear headset 

            But maybe you need a wired headset to connect to a desk phone?  

            • Discover D711 over the head, single ear headset
            • Discover D712 over the head, double ear headset
            • Discover D713 over the ear 
            • Discover D722 over the head, double  ear headset with a great sounding noise canceling microphone with a gooseneck mic boom that stays put, and soft, cooling gel memory foam ear cushions.

            The same two models, (D711 and D712), are also available in a USB variant called the D711U, and D712U. Both of these USB headsets have the same solid construction as the D711 and D712. Here's a review video that will give you more information including a microphone sound test. Check it out.

            So whether you’re looking for a wireless headset, or one with a cord, you’ll have several to choose from within the Discover headset line.

            3. Comfort for all day wear

            The last thing you want is to have a headset that’s heavy, and uncomfortable, especially if you’re someone who has to wear a headset all day. So what makes Discover headsets comfortable? Here are a few things you’ll find on this brand of headset that will have you giving a sigh of relief if wearing one for long stretches of time.

            On the D722U for example, you’ll get ear cushions that fully encircle the ears, rather than going against them. Add to that the ear cushions are made from memory foam for a custom fit, and cooling gel to help keep you cool when conversations might heat up.

            The headband is adjustable so you can find the fit that’s right for you, just like with the adjustable earcups. And the 722U is extremely lightweight as well. So when you add these things up, you get a comfortable, lightweight headset that you can wear all day long..

            Other Discover headsets follow a similar pattern in that they all have adjustable headbands, adjustable ear cups and are lightweight for use even on long days. The exception being the D713U which is an earpiece and not a headband style headset. But the 713U is extremely comfortable due to its design, weight, and various sizes of included ear tips.


            Discover D713U wired on ear USB headset with 3 ear tips


            The point here is if you’re looking for a headset that’s comfortable, you want one that’s lightweight, has an adjustable headband, and has conforming ear speakers and comfortable ear cushions. The Discover line of headsets check all these boxes and more.

            4. Fair & reasonable pricing guaranteed not to break your bank

            Discover headsets are priced affordably so no matter what your budget is, there’s a Discover headset that will bring you an exceptional value. But when it comes to pricing and affordability, you have more options beyond the price. For example:

            1. Use Coupon Code BLOG For A Nice Discount. When you use this coupon code when shopping on our website you’ll receive a nice discount on your order. We all like getting discounts, so make sure to use coupon code BLOG at checkout.
            2. Trade-in those old dusty headsets. Something that’s often overlooked is what to do with your old headsets. It’s common to see a box of headsets in an office storeroom, or several of them in desk drawers for example. So rather than having them in these places gathering dust, why not trade them in for cash or credit towards some new Discover headsets? To learn more contact us to speak with one of our helpful Representatives, or you can go here.  And as a footnote, you can use the coupon code in conjunction with the trade-in credit which lowers your price even more.
            3. Quantity discount program for greater savings. If you’re looking for 10 or more headsets contact us to get a bulk discount quote. We realize that when you’re buying in quantity, the price can add up quickly. So make sure to let one of our friendly, knowledgeable Representatives assist you in getting a price that helps to stretch your budget dollars. 
            4. Attractive Monthly headset lease . Even with a great selling price, you still might come up short when it comes to having the needed funds to outfit a team of people with new headsets. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to buy fewer headsets, buy a lesser model or wait until the next budget year because Discover Headsets has a program with you in mind. Rather than having to come up with the funds to buy all those new headsets, we have a program that gives you the option to pay for them over time with a low, very affordable monthly rate. Many of our customers love this program because it allows them to get the equipment they need, even when budgets are tight. But our program can also be set up to run parallel to the terms of your voice service agreement. This means that they can both reach the end of their terms simultaneously, which our customers really like. Our headsets as a service program even provides you with warranty coverage for the length of the term, and replacement accessories so you won’t see any unexpected bills, and no surprises.

            So whether you’re looking for a headset for yourself, or for an enterprise, there’s a Discover headset, and a program that’s sure to be a great fit.  

            5. Longer warranty for more peace of mind

            When you buy a headset, you don’t want to be shelling out money for things that aren’t covered by the warranty, and you don’t want to find yourself with a defective headset right after the warranty has expired. Both can leave you feeling disappointed.

            Headsets that are considered to be consumer grade, normally come with a 1-year warranty. These headsets are typically inexpensive and designed for periodic, light duty use.

            The other type of headset is referred to as commercial grade, which simply means they’re constructed better, and they’re designed for use in a more demanding, commercial setting such as offices, and call centers. These headsets typically come with 2-year warranties. 

            But like with many things, more is better, and when it comes to the length of a headset warranty, this holds true. So if you like the idea of having a longer warranty, then a Discover headset is a brand you have to give serious consideration to. All Discover headsets come with an industry leading 3-year warranty which is 33% more than what you get from the other guys. This means:

            • You get longer peace of mind. 
            • No unexpected expenses for replacements for a full three years
            • No confusion trying to determine if your headset is in warranty or not
            • And perhaps best of all, no confusion who to call with questions or warranty needs. Just call us, and help is on the way.

            And finally, when it comes to getting warranty assistance or exchanges, we make it easy for you. No complicated forms to fill out, no phone tree to navigate and no being bounced around from person to person to get to the right department.  At Discover Headsets, you won’t have that experience because we make reaching us, and getting things done, quick and easy, the way it should be.

            6. Customer service from Advisors in California

            The simple truth is there are a lot of headset choices out there like wired or wireless headsets that connect to computers, or desk phones. Then there's Bluetooth headsets, DECT headsets, convertible headsets, long range wireless models, some that sound great, others that don’t, some that are comfortable, others that aren't, and the list goes on. So how do you sort through all this and find the model that’s right for you and one that's compatible with your system?

            The answer is simple. Make one call to Discover Headsets and let one of our friendly and knowledgeable Representatives help you with a tailored headset solution that’s guaranteed to be compatible with the system you use. We help to remove the confusion, and help to make things extremely easy for you. So you can skip all that research which can really eat up a lot of your valuable time. Instead, let the experts who’ve been assisting customers with headset advice since 1994 go to work for you.

            Our support doesn’t end when you get a compatible headset recommendation, because one of our Discover Headset Representatives will assist you with setup once your new equipment arrives. Try finding that from one of those online sources. We know headsets, and we walk you through every step so your new headsets will be set up correctly, and sound great.

            The icing on the cake here is once you become a Discover Headset customer, you receive free lifetime support. You can put away that credit card, and no need to issue a purchase order whenever you need some help.. Assistance is just a phone call, email, or live chat away, and at a price that simply can’t be beat…free, as in no cost, as in we appreciate having you as our customer.

            Have questions or need some help?

            As I mentioned earlier, we know a thing or two about headsets because we’ve been assisting customers with their communication needs since 1994. So if you have questions, or would like a tailored recommendation that’s guaranteed to be compatible with your system, contact us today and one of our friendly, and knowledgeable Representatives will be happy to help.

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