What Is A Noise Canceling Microphone?

What Is A Noise Canceling Microphone?

A noise-canceling microphone is a type of microphone that is designed to reduce unwanted background noise while ensuring your voice is heard clearly. Noise canceling microphones use technology to filter out sounds such as wind, traffic, people talking, noise at coffee shops etc.. helping to provide a much more productive conversation.

This can be especially useful in your business settings, where clear communication is critical. Noise-canceling microphones are commonly used in communication devices such as headsets, video conferencing systems, and other audio recording equipment, helping to improve the accuracy and clarity of audio recordings and reducing distractions from the surrounding environment.

Benefits of a noise canceling microphone

  1. Clearer communication: A noise-canceling microphone will help to reduce background noise, allowing your voice to be heard more clearly by the caller. This improves communication and prevents misunderstandings.

  2. More professional: By filtering background noise to provide clear audio when talking, this will help you sound more professional in distracting work environments. Ever called a company and the person answering sounds like they're in an echo chamber with you hearing all of the noise going on around them? If so, you know it's a bad experience and not a good impression.

Set proper expectations

It's important to remember that not all devices are made equal. While a headset or device with a noise-cancelling microphone can be helpful, it's important to note that they're not perfect and have limitations. The effectiveness of the noise-cancelling feature will depend on your environment, the type and level of noise, and the specific device you purchased. So, it's best not to expect that investing in a headset or speakerphone with a noise-cancelling microphone will completely block out all surrounding noise.

3 Discover Headsets with noise canceling microphones to consider.

  1. Discover D722U (aside from the noise canceling microphone that works well, this headset has cooling gel memory foam ear cushions. They're one of a kind and keep your ears nice and cool!)
  2. Discover Adapt 20 (everything you need in a Bluetooth headset for calls/meetings without breaking the bank)
  3. Discover Adapt 30 (for those who need to connect with a desk phone and computer and need long wireless range)

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