Why Suffer? Discover A Work Headset That Wont Give You Headaches

Why Suffer? Discover A Work Headset That Wont Give You Headaches

Many work issued headsets are typically worn over-the-head, which is great for many people, but not everyone feels the same. Oftentimes we hear an over-the-head headset can cause headaches and discomfort, especially for those who wear piercings. 

Luckily there's an alternative work headset for you to consider, and works great for your calls and meetings! 

One customer liked it so much, she said this! 

discover d713u work headset review

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Introducing the Discover D713U

discover d713u on-ear work headset

Tech Specs

  • Electret Condensor noise canceling microphone
  • 13mm speaker
  • Frequency: 20~20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: -47dB±3dB
  • 6ft cord with call controlle for volume and mute


  • Crisp sounding microphone that reduces unwanted background noise like distractions at a coffee shop, co-workers talking, dogs barking etc.. (won't block out 100% of these noises but will significantly reduce them).
  • Under $100!
  • 3 different sizes of ear gels come included and the earhook can be worn on your left or right ear for a tailored fit.
  • USB plug and play- no software downloads required.


  • Not wireless ☹️
  • The earhook style can be uncomfortable for some, but seems to be comfortable for most. Usually a 2 week break in period (similar to wearing a new pair of glasses)

No headset hair, no headaches

discover d713u vs headphones

By no means are other work headsets that rest over-the-head bad. The D713U offers an alternative wired work headset to traditional wearing styles that don't work for everyone. Especially if you've worn a headset and found they give you headaches, the D713U is an alternative to highly consider. And, if you're someone who cares about keeping your hair on point, the D713U won't mess up your hair or get tangled when trying to take it off.

Noise canceling microphone

Noise is one of the biggest distractions and it's the last thing you want callers to hear on the other end. Whether you're at a coffee shop, at home or in an office, the D713U microphone is noise canceling to help reduce how much noise is heard in noisy environments. So the expectations are properly set, the microphone in most cases won't cancel out 100% of background noise, but it will be a whole heck of a lot better in comparison to using any microphone that isn't noise canceling.

Multiple ear tip sizes & adjustable ear hook

discover d713u ear tip

3 different sizes of ear tips come included, and the ear hook can be adjusted for wear on your left or right ear. There's also a clamp at the bottom of the earhook that allows the you to tighten or loosen the fit depending on what's most comfortable to you.

Plug and play- no software downloads required

HALLELUJAH! So many headsets today make you jump through hoops of downloading software just to properly use your headset or keep it up to date. That makes it even more frustrating if you use a company work computer, and downloads aren't allowed. From a user experience standpoint, most customers tell us they want a headset for work that's extremely easy to use and doesn't require software downloads. The D713U in this case fits the bill! Whether youre using Teams, Google Meet, Webex, RingCentral, Dialpad and many others, it's as simple as connecting your headset and the drivers automatically download.

If you have multiple audio devices connected, the only thing you may have to do when you first connect your headset is set your input and output to the Discover D713U. If you're on Windows, simply go to your Start menu > Control panel > hardware and sound > sound > under playback and recording set D713U as your default.

Easy to use volume controller

Instead of adjusting volumes or muting from your computer, the call controller on the cord of the Discover D713U allows you to adjust your hearing volume and mute/unmute your microphone.

Works with leading UC softphones

If you use call or meeting software like Teams, Google Meet, Webex, RingCentral, GoToMeeting and many others then you're using a UC platform, and in that case the Discover D713U will work great.

Some desk phones (not all) will also work with the D713U, as long as you have a USB audio enabled headset port. 

Workers comp claims = big money

If you're a manager tasked to purchase headsets for a team of people, make sure to survey them before you invest in new headsets. And, have a backup budget for accomodations on alternative headsets like the D713U that could help those who get headaches from traditional over-the-head headsets, and save you the potential risk of very expensive workers comp claims.


When you start to look at comparable work headsets that aren't worn over-the-head or break the bank, the options become far and few inbetween. Just like any headset though, none are perfect but the D713U fills a need for many customers who would like to use a headset but find that it causes headaches, or they don't want the space helmet look while on meetings or in the office.

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