No More Juggling Devices: The Ultimate Work Headphones With A Speaker Built In

No More Juggling Devices: The Ultimate Work Headphones With A Speaker Built In

What's better than a pair of work headphones that keep you hands free and more productive? A pair of work headphones with a built in speaker.

Meet the Discover D722U

discover d722u work headphones


  • Fully encloses your ears.
  • Memory foam cooling gel cushions - extremely comfortable
  • Call controller allows you to adjust volume, mute and turn speaker on or off for easy to use controls.
  • Under $100!
  • Noise canceling microphone reduces unwanted noise to sound professional.
  • USB Plug and play, no software downloads required.


  • May feel some pressure at first for those who wear glasses (usually 2 week break in period to fully know if you like the comfort)
  • Not wireless

Who this headset is for

  • Anyone who works from their computer that needs a reliable wired work headset for use with call software like Teams, Zoom, RingCentral and many others. 

Who this headset isn't for

  • Not gaming or music headphones, although will work fine for casual gaming and music. Just don't expect to be blown away when using it for these scenarios.

You might be wondering, what's the benefit of an added speaker to work headphones?

discover d722u call controller

  1. When you want to take a break from wearing your work headphones, you can still listen to your personal audio from the speaker.
  2. If you use a computer without speakers and need to step away from your desk, simply turn on the speaker and you'll be able to hear your incoming calls or internal chat notifications.

Noise canceling microphone

In mose cases a noise canceling microphone is essential for a work headset because it helps reduce unwanted background noise. Meaning when you use the Discover D722U, your voice will be heard clearly without distractions like typing, background conversation, dogs barking, loud AC units etc..

It's especially important when working in noisy environments, such as a call center or open office. With a built in noise canceling microphone, your co-workers or clients will be able to hear you more clearly, and overal improve communication without misunderstandings.

Overall, a noise canceling microphone is a must have when choosing a work headset to reduce fatigue, improve communication and make your workday more productive.

Microphone test without background noise

Microphone test with background noise 


Memory foam cooling gel ear cushions

memory foam cooling gel ear cushions

This is by far one of our favorite features of the D722U. Memory foam cooling gel ear cushions that fully surround your ears! Meaning, you get both comfort and a cool touch to your ears, especially nice on a hot summer day. The memory foam helps contour to the shape of your ears to reduce pressure points and improve comfort during extended periods of use.

The cooling gel layer then helps regulate temperature and prevent heat, which can especially be important for those of you wearing a headset for several hours at a time. Ultimately helping to reduce discomfort and minimize sweating.

For those of you working in call centers, customer service or other industries where phone communication is critical, you'll appreciate the ability to wear the Discover D722U for longer periods.

USB plug and play- no software downloads needed

If you work for a company with strict security, then you know the importance of having a plug and play device without the need to download software. Some IT departments are more willing and others will not provide help on any audio device that's either company approved or given to you. IT can also appreciate plug and play devices whenever possible because that means one less thing that can go wrong or to deal with.

The only thing you may have to do after connecting the Discover D722U is change your audio preferences with your computer to the D722U (very easy).

Hearing protection

Built into the D722U headset is a safety feature called "Acoustic shock protection" to help protect your hearing from unexpected loud sounds. This is especially common in workplaces like a call center where you're exposed to high levels of noise on a daily basis. Acoustic shock protection in the D722U works by using a limiter circuit set with a maximum volume limit. To keep it simple without getting to technical, if there was a loud volume spike, the headset will not allow unsafe volume levels to reach your ears.

Acoustic shock protection isn't a feature in all headsets, and is a highly underrated topic not talked about enough. Imagine what you would pay to have your hearing back if you realized your hearing damage was due to a headset or earbuds. I can guarantee it would be a lot more then the investment of the right headset!

Learn more about Acoustic shock from National Insitutes of Health here


If you're familiar with sidetone, then you know the importance. If this is the first time you've heard the term "sidetone", it's a feature that allows you to slightly hear your own voice in your speakers when you speak into the microphone so you keep your voice at a normal level, and overall is a much more natural experience. 

Out of the box, sidetone is disabled. To enable sidetone, you simply hold the mute button for 5 seconds and this will turn it on or off. Having the option to have sidetone on or off is a nice touch because some will like this feature and others wont. 


These headsets are built for work. Whether you work at home or in the office, around noise or not, the D722U is a great pair of work headphones to consider with unique advantages and customizatons other headets don't offer. You get a good mix of everything you'd want in a headset for work without breaking the bank! 

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