• More Margins

    As a company that has also directly sold to end customers, we understand the challenges of decreasing profit margins and lost business due to online price comparisons. We've taken a different approach to safeguard your business, so you see bigger profits you deserve.

  • Quality products

    Our product selection is carefully curated to provide a comprehensive range of options that cater to various work applications and budgets while keeping the number of SKUs to a minimum.

  • Customer Support

    With over 20 years of experience in the headset industry, we understand the importance of reliability and customer service. Our team of expert Advisors in California are always available to provide helpful support, giving you peace of mind.

  • Easy warranty process

    We pride ourselves on offering a minimum 3-year warranty for all products and making exchanges or returns a hassle-free process for you and your customers within 30 days of purchase.

  • No stock requirements

    You're more than welcome to stock inventory if you want. Otherwise, we can ship your orders directly to your customer, and it will always look like it came directly from you.

  • DaaS (Devices-as-a-service)

    You can leverage our lease program to give your customer another way to acquire their headsets, and make monthly recurring revenue.

Important Notes

  • We limit our reseller network to those that align with our vision. This approach protects your profits by preventing gray-market products being sold from unauthorized sources.
  • To become an authorized reseller a few qualifications we look for is your integrity, ability to market, sell, provide customer service and product knowledge of Discover Headsets.
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